A primary reason that people turn to psychics is because of their ability to offer assistance with resolving issues in the mental, physical and emotional realms where traditional medicine and therapy have failed. An important part of a psychic’s work is their ability to offer psychic healing (resolutions) once a blockage or issue has been revealed. An experienced psychic will use his or her intuition and clairvoyance to analyze and/or interpret obstructions in your physical, etheric and astral energy fields, then be able to give you creative suggestions to rectify any imbalance or will correct the imbalance with their own psychic abilities. According to quantum physics, all matter is part of a dynamic energy field. Every form of matter, when broken down to the smallest particle, becomes nothing more than a vibration. Psychic healers have learned how to work with vibration, raising it and lowering it for the purpose of restoring health and wellness. Psychic healers may also use tools such as crystals, aroma therapy, reiki, and sound to restore harmony between the body, mind and spirit by producing a sympathetic vibration or resonance that brings the body back into balance. Because some psychics can communicate with beings in other dimensions, they sometimes ask for assistance from ascended healing masters, angels or other guiding spirits with diagnosing or healing a client.